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Golf Tournament
Camping in Yosemite

Oakland - San Francisco Bay Area Established in 1972

2006 - 2007
Executive Board

President, Gary Garrett

Vice President, Debi Dohm

Treasurer, Karen Allen

Secretary, Angie Ross

Newsletter Editor Patsy Cunningham

Membershipchair, Alfred Watts

Member At Large, Claudette Center ccenterride@sbcglobal.net510-531-4992

Welcoming Chair, Tosha Owens

Recruitment Chair, Cynthia Cooper

Activities Chair, DeWayne McDainels

Youth Director, Karen Ambeau

Head Western Region Ski Coach & National NBS Assistant Ski Coach, Prescott Reavis

All Seasons Ski Club
P.O. Box 12593
Oakland, CA 94604

JUNE 2006 Issue

NBS Mission: " To identify, develop and support athletes of color, who will win international and Olympic winter sports competitions, representing the United States, and increase participation in winter sports" Gary's Photo "2006/2007 -Elected Board" - From left to right Debi Dohm, Angie Ross, Karen Allen, Gary Garrett, Patsy Cunningham, Claudette Center, not pictured Alfred Watts

President's Message

Hello All Seasons,
Snow in late May? If you traveled to Tahoe on Saturday of the Labor Day Weekend, you were probably caught sight of the 5 inches of snow received over the Summit, this weather is crazy. We held elections last month and I would like to welcome back incumbents Karen Allen-Treasurer, Debi Dohm-Vice President, Patsy Cunningham- Newsletter/Web Editor, Alfred Watts-Membership Chair, Claudette Center-Member-at-Large and DeWayne McDaniels-Activities Chair. Angie Ross was elected to the Secretary position and Tosha Owens is the new Welcoming Chair. Cynthia Cooper-Recruitment Chair, she has the task of seeking out potential new members as well as retaining current ones. This is a new position and I’m sure with her outgoing personality she will do great. Cynthia will also work with the Membership and Welcoming chairs.

I want to thank my Board for again stepping up to keep this club great. Have you ever wondered what it is like to run a trip? Have you ever thought you could do it but don’t know how to get involved? Its simple, see anyone on the Activities Committee and let them know you are interested, we will get you a trip.

Did you like the Summit in Banff? Past Summits? Want to be a part of what makes it so much fun? Contact Rene’ Jackson, Summit Chair and All Seasons own. The Summit requires lots of volunteers a monumental efforts by all involved, you try pleasing that many black people at one time.

I know it’s early but its time to get your condo mates and deposits in for Summit ’07, Steamboat. Jamaica is paid for, you have already made payments for Summer Carnival, the Northern Cali Softball Challenge and Picnic is free and Napa Wine tasting and Spa is a low cost event. The absolute best snow and best time I have ever had skiing on a mountain, after seven days and I still wanted more. All it takes is a $50 deposit to get you going. Do not miss this summit!

Summer Carnival at Montelago Resort at Lake Las Vegas, it’s going to be fun and we are well on our way to our projected participant goal, you guys make me look so good. I am fortunate to be President of a ski club full of great people who love to have fun. Let’s see, we have: Boat races, after hours Jacuzzi, Golf, Parties, after hours Jacuzzi, Pool games, Casino gambling, Jazz on the lake, after hours Jacuzzi and much, much more. Check out the list of who’s going and put your deposit down.

Kids love water, teach them to swim
Security Bars can block your escape.

Remember: July is our Annual BBQ “Meeting in the Park” Dimond Park on Fruitvale Ave. in Oakland. Since the 1st Wednesday follows July 4th - We will meet the second Wednesday on July 12th meeting time is 6:00pm until. Food and the “beverage of the month will be served”.
Life is good,
Gary D. Garrett,
President All Seasons Ski Club


Club News

General Meeting Theme: With so much going on --- you can dress according to one of the following: Jamacia Man', Camping Gear and/or Golf Gear

Membership Drive - The board would like to encourage each member to kickoff the 2006/2007 Year by sharing your club information with others to increase membership. Please bring friends and/or family members to the meeting.
Now collecting Membership Fees for the 2006/2007 Season.
New Membership Rate $50.00 single, $70.00 joint
Renew rate: $40.00 single, $60.00 joint
Make check out to ASSC, Mail to P.O. Box 12593, Oakland, 94604 Alfred Watts-Membership Chair Contact membership chair Alfred Watts @ 510- 865-1382or

Members Corner

Baby Andre and Estella Matthews' son Adam Elijah Matthews born on March 10 @ 7:30 PM. He was 8 pounds 2 Ounces.

Our Deepest Sympathy goes out to Marvell Allen for the loss of her Mother In Law.

Get Well Wishes
Let's continue giving Shirley James good well wishes and keep her in your prayers. See Shirley's response below.
Hi All Seasons family,
Thanks for the beautiful cards,gifts & positive expressions. I am progressing each day and looking forward to a full recovery. I am not able to do e-mail yet someone has written it for me.I am now able to feed myself but not much else. I have in home care 7/24.
Hope to see you soon (I plan to be skiing in 2007). Shirley James Tel: (650) 878-1976 Cell: (650) 219- 2053

Wishing Wayne Smith continued recovery from surgery last month.


RAY's PhotoNeed someone to walk the dog, baby-sit, mow the lawn,wash the car, run errands: Ray "The Man" Skillern is the one. He retired after 30+ years from Lockheed & he still drives to work & sits in the parking lot. Help a Brotha out! 408-272-7331 Email:

Yvonne Cooper retired from State Fund a few months ago, packed Willie up & moved to Discovery Bay. Congratulations!

Hero for a DAY

Hi all, here is a story for you: I was sitting the DMV office in Stockton when I see people backing there way into the DMV office while looking towards the parking lot, me being nosy, I started going towards the door to see what was happening. As I started to get closer I see more people coming though the door along with the DMV security guard, now I'm thinking maybe someone has a gun so I start to back up.

Just then a woman comes through the door with a knife in each hand and she is hacking and swnging at anyone in sight, it looked like something out of a slashing movie. Someone comes up behind her and hits her with a chair but she keeps coming, just then a lady grabbed her but could only hold one hand, she starts stabbing the lady with the other knife. I jump in grab the ladies arm, pin her against the counter, take the knife from hand and hold her for the police.

It seems she lived across the street fromn the DMV, she started by stabbing a relative at her house and decided to take her show on the road. She walked across the street to the DMV parking lot and stabbed the first person she saw, she headed for the door and stabbed a person who had just walked out and proceeded into the office. After all that they closed the office and I didn't get my registration done.

Gary D. Garrett

In the News

Vanessa' Young's dog Jack Russell, Theo, had his 1 yr old BDay party at Bella & Daisy's last year. There was a National Geo photographer there (unknowingly to me) who wanted to take pics for her worldwide assignment. My doggie made the cut :o). I'm riding on a high :o).


It's time to order All Seasons Winter Gear sale
Now accepting orders and $100 deposits for Club Jackets and $80 deposits on matching club pants. Three jacket styles available, all feature hideaway hoods and upgraded insulation and goggle wipes.&NBSp;Pants come in Unisex and women's styles.

Two jacket styles feature removable sleeves that can be placed in the large hidden pocket on the back of the jacket. The unisex pant features a full side zipper, this works out well if you wear any type of brace, it allows you to put on the brace after you are dressed.

Sizes in Jackets and Unisex pants are Xs-XXL, ladies style pants are 8-14. All pants can be ordered in short, medium and long. Prices are still $250 Jackets and $160 pants. Don't wait our final order date is September 1st, items ordered will arrive in December '06.

All Seasons Club jackets are made by Spyder, a leader in the ski sports apparel business, they carry a full line of accessories that allow you to, well.....accessorize
Gary D. Garrett President All Seasons Ski Club

May Birthday Members

5/1 Donna Seabrooks
5/5 Janice Wilson
5/7 Michael Keith
5/7 Michael Gray
5/9 Tosha Owens
5/10 Chuck Copeland
5/12 Rayney Arnold
5/14 Reggie McKinnely
5/17 LaVerne Milton
5/18 Robbie LaBelle -Thomas
5/22 Neville Gittens
5/27 Leon Capart
5/27 Bridgette Simpson
Zodiac Sign

June Birthday Members

6/1 Spyder Johnson
6/1 Jill Russell
6/10 Jerry Moton
6/14 Fred Payne
6/15 Stanley Williams
6/21 Leander Robinson
6/22 Greg Carter
6/24 Maria Sinclair
6/25 Vicky Barber

Seasons News

National Sponsor

Subaru is NBS National Sponsor. Click the Partner Program logo to find out how you can benefit from this sponsorship.

Partner Program

NBS Partner Program subscribers will receive discounted registration for NBS national events, including AMCC and Summit, as well as reduced charges for fee-based functions at these events.

Other NBS Club Activities

Ebony Ski- Annual Dinner/Dance
July 8th
Sacramento Hilton
Contact Sharon Sargeant
Ebony Ski & Racquet Club
916-876-6016 (wk)
916-801-4435 (cell)
Fire 'n Ice
Fire 'n Ice- Beach Party
July 15th
Capitola Beach

First Fridays - Monthly Networking Affair
- Click on the logo and check the website for more details

ASSC Cancellation and Refund Policy

A) If cancellation occurs 60 days before event, all money will be refunded.
B) N.B.S., Inc. (Summit/Mini-Summit) registration and lodging fees are non-refundable at any time.
Note: There is no refund for missed transportation.
C) Money will be refunded less charges made by the contracted agency, charges incurred by the club on behalf of the participant, such as deposits, or non-refundable charges.
D) Each participant will sign a trip participation application that details the cancellation/refund policy.

a) All cancellations must be in writing.
b) N.B.S., Inc. (Summit/Mini-Summit) registration and lodging fees are non-refundable at any time.
c) All money paid will be returned less any charges incurred and an administrative fee.
Returned Check Fees: For costs $100 or less, $25 Fee. For costs >$100, $50 Fee. Checks will not be accepted from repeat offenders.

Upcoming Events

Summer Carnival 06'

Join All Season for NBS Western Region Summer Carnival 2006 at Montelago Village Resort in Lake Las Vegas
August 3 - 6, 2006
Click on image to view link to club website for more information

Sculpted from the rugged desert terrain of Southern Nevada, Lake Las Vegas Resort lies nestled within
the desert mountainside just 17 miles from the world renowned Las Vegas Strip. Boasting world class hotels
and spas, championship golf, and spectacular residential communities from amongst the finest builders in the
nation, Lake Las Vegas Resort offers both guests and residents alike an unmatched experience centered
around the 320 - acre privately-owned lake.

 Sign up now  - - Suggested Payment Plans :
By June 08, 2006 Final Payment / Balance Due or Initial payment of $350 By June 23, 2006 All Balances Due / Full package payments for Early and Regular Registration Packages

NOTE: Deposit non-refundable, but are transferable

(Includes: lodging, registration,) Before June 15th, 2006

Accommodation Type Unit Description Occupancy/Cost/person
Studio King Bed - pull out sofa bed w/Kitchenette Single - $335.00
Double - $225.00
Triple - NA
Quad - NA
5 per Unit - NA
6 per Unit - NA
1 - Bedroom King Bed - pull out sofa bed in living room - full Kitchen Single - $425.00
Double - $270.00
Triple - $220.00
Quad - $195.00
5 per Unit - NA
6 per Unit - NA
2 - Bedroom King or Queen Bed in each bed room - pull out sofa bed - full Kitchen Single -NA
Double - $325.00**
Triple - $255.00
Quad - $220.00
5 per Unit - $199.00
6 per Unit - $185.00

(Includes: lodging, registration,) Before June 15th, 2006

Accommodation Type Unit Description Occupancy/Cost/person
Studio King Bed - pull out sofa bed w/Kitchenette Single - $445.00
Double - $280.00
Triple - NA
Quad - NA
5 per Unit - NA
6 per Unit - NA
1 - Bedroom King Bed - pull out sofa bed in living room - full Kitchen Single - $580.00
Double -$350.00
Triple - $270.00
Quad - $235.00
5 per Unit - NA
6 per Unit - NA
2 - Bedroom King or Queen Bed in each bed room - pull out sofa bed - full Kitchen Single - NA
Double -$430.00**
Triple -$325.00
Quad -$275.00
5 per Unit -$241.00
6 per Unit -$220.00
**one person in each room

For more information contact Trip Leaders: Patsy Cunningham, phone: 501-482-2999, email:, Mailing address: 4399 Terrabella Place, Oakland, CA 94619
or Marc Gage, phone: 510-632-6550, email:


Come Join Us for a Great Day of Golf, Great People and Fun!

When: Saturday, June 3, 2006
Where: Chuck Corica Golf Course -- #1 Memorial Clubhouse Drive --- Alameda, CA (South Course)

HOST: Charles Clemons Ph: (510) 799-0887 CO-HOST: Patsy Cunningham Ph: (510) 482-2999

Yosemite Annual Camping Trip


Houseboat 2006
September 1-4
Silverthorn Queen I
Houseboating Beyond Belief!

This luxurious Silverthorn Queen I houseboat is by far the most popular boat in their fleet.
2nd Deck: Outdoor kitchen seats 10, with BBQ, refrigerator, sink, fan, wet bar, CD stereo with speakers. Master Penthouse Suite, Full Bathroom. 3rd Deck: Hot Tub, Sun Deck & Bed Box!

This houseboat has 4 Private Staterooms PLUS Bonus Room, 2 1/2 Bathrooms, Fireplace, Entertainment Center with TV/DVD/Satellite System, Command Bridge & Slide. The Kitchen includes a 25 cu. ft. Refrigerator-Freezer with Icemaker, Stove, Range, Microwave & Trash Compactor. The Silverthorn Queen I was custom designed to ensure the most luxurious houseboat experience on Lake Shasta. Look for more information in the April Newsletter or on the ASSC website soon!!

Other Activities

Join some of the ASSC members and friends in Negril in 2006.

Dates: June 22- 27th, 2006 (flying out on 21st)

Please click on the link for more information.

Contact: LaVerne Milton-Rose Alston Travel at 925-709-8014 or

Youth Corner

All Seasons Youth Ski Club meets every 2nd Tuesday @ Sequoyah Community Church for more information call Karen Ambeau @ 510-538-3368
If you have children, relatives, or friends, who are interested in joining the Youth Club, membership applications are available at the Adult Club Meeting. The annual Youth Membership Dues are $10.

Club Information

2006 Schedule

Date Event Package and ~ Cost Contact
June 3, 2006 ASSC Annual Goft Tournament Chuck Corica Golf Course
#1 Memorial Clubhouse Drive
Alameda, CA (South Course)
Event Coordinator: Charles Clemons
June 9-11, 2006 Yosemite Camping Trip See Information in Newsletter Trip Leader: Alfred Watts
August 3-6, 2006 Summer Carnival 2006 NBS Western Region Summer Carnival 2006 at Montelago Village Resort, Lake Las Vegas - See detail information above Trip Leaders: Patsy Cunningham, phone: 501-482-2999, email:, Mailing address: 4399 Terrabella Place, Oakland, CA 94619 or Marc Gage, phone: 510-632-6550, email:
September 1-4, 2006 Silverthorn Queen I See Information in Newsletter Trip Leader: Angie Ross
September 16, 2006 Annual Gathering - Softball Challenge Stay tune for more information Everyone Participates
October 7 & 8, 2006 Napa Wine Tasting & Spa Trip Stay tune for more information Trip Coordinators:
Events & Wine Tasting- Patsy C. & Gary Garrett
Spa & Lodging: Debi Dohm

2006/2007 New/Renewal Membership

Jay Aguilar		Kathleen Arnold
Karen Baker		Judy Cameron
Shonna Cook		Morris Cunningham
Barbara Thomas		Lisa Curry
Alfreda Daniels		Dennis Freeman
Delwin Holt		Rene James-Williams
Stanley Williams		Erin Johnson
Ray Skillern		Ellen Keough
Prescott Reavis		Joan King
Jerode Lawrence		Dorothy Lawrence
Kome Mbong		Phillip McLeod
Terina Miller		Charlotte Parker
Pat Patterson		Bridgette Simpson
Wayne Smith		Alfred Watts
Maureen West

Date Day General Meeting Theme Location/Time
June 7, 2006 Wednesday @ 7:30pm Golf & Camping Kickoff California Ballroom 7:30p.m
July 12, 2006 Wednesday @ 6:00pm Hanging out in the Park Dimond Park on Fruitvale Ave.
August 2 Wednesday @ 7:30pm Summer Carnival Kickoff California Ballroom 7:30p.m.

All Seasons Ski Club meets on the first Wednesday of each month, at 7:30pm. Join us at the California Ballroom, 1736 Franklin St, Oakland.