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AUGUST 2006 Issue

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  • President's Message
  • Summit 2007 - Steamboat
2006-2007 Executive Board

President, Gary Garrett Slim2700@hotmail.com

Vice President, Debi Dohm ahbugah2@aol.com

Treasurer, Karen Allen busykallen@aol.com

Secretary, Angie Ross angieb3d@aol.com

Newsletter Editor Patsy Cunningham c-ham@comcast.net

Membershipchair, Alfred Watts alwatts3@comcast.net

Member At Large, Claudette Center ccenterride@sbcglobal.net510-531-4992

Welcoming Chair, Maureen (Jenny) West email@mstealight@yahoo.com

Recruitment Chair, Cynthia Cooper carmalmama@sbcglobal.net

Activities Chair, DeWayne McDainels 1skidmc@sbcglobal.net

Youth Director, Karen Ambeau kambeau1@aol.com

Head Western Region Ski Coach & National NBS Assistant Ski Coach, Prescott Reavis skibison@gmail.com


Membership Fees for the 2006/2007 Season
New Membership Rate $50.00 single, $70.00 joint
Renew rate: $40.00 single, $60.00 joint
Make check out to ASSC, Mail to P.O. Box 12593, Oakland, 94604 ATTN: Alfred Watts-Membership Chair
Contact membership chair Alfred Watts @ 510- 865-1382 or alwatts3@comcast.net for more information
Contact Us

To contact us:
All Seasons Ski Club
P.O. Box 12593
Oakland, CA 9460]

Please feel free to forward this issue to friends and associates.

NBS Mission: " To identify, develop and support athletes of color, who will win international and Olympic winter sports competitions, representing the United States, and increase participation in winter sports"

President's Message

Hello All Seasons,
My, my, my, an average temperature of 109 degrees in Stockton the past 10 days and topping out at 113 with minor relief in sight. I just tell you guys this to let you know what heat really is. I know it is hot in the Bay, but this is black out heat out here. For my members in the Hercules/Antioch and Sac town areas…..I know ya feel me.
Another good “Meeting in the Park” at Dimond Park in Oaktown. I want to thank everyone who came out and thank those that helped set up, carry things, whatever. A very, very special thanks to All Seasons resident BBQ Specialists, Stan “The Grill Man” Williams and Jerode “I’m Retired” Lawrence. I can’t tell you how nice it is to pull up with the food and just have these guys take over, THANK YOU!!!

SUMMER CARNIVAL It’s all set, it’s a sell out, and you will have fun. I will see you next week in Vegas and although it won’t be all fun and games for me, I plan on having a gooood time. There is a President’s meeting and since I am on the Western Region staff I will be on the door for the events. Still, I am looking forward to this one. A great resort, a ton of events, I guarantee fun. I want to make sure your stay is comfortable and lodging is ok so I will pay a visit to each and every All Seasons room to check out your accommodations and partake of an ice cold drink or two, I’m serious.

YOUTH FLASH! YOUTH FLASH! Errol Kerr is off to New Zealand for ski race training and will meet will members of Fire and Ice and All Seasons on Saturday the 29th of July. I am so glad they were able to set everything in place for this meet. These kids go to other countries to train and never see another face of color the entire time they are there. This will truly be special for all, thank you Torri for your efforts to pull this all together.

SUMMIT ‘07 We are well on our way, we have 30+ signed up already and we are shooting for many more, don’t be ones left out and missing the best snow in North America. You know doubt participated in or heard about the “Happy hours” in Banff, expect all that and more in Steamboat, see you at the Gondola.

On the serious side, with this heat wave Fire Departments in every city are responding to heat related calls, especially for the elderly. Please keep hydrated and keep in touch with your relatives to make sure everything is alright.

Fire Safety messages for the month: Kids love water, teach ‘em to swim //Overloaded electrical circuits can cause a fire

I will not be at the August General meeting but I will see you in Vegas. Vice President Debi Dohm will run the meeting.

Feelin’ the heat,

Gary D. Garrett,
President All Seasons Ski Club

General Meeting Theme:

Summer Carnival '06 Kickoff

Members Corner

The All Seasons 2006 Hiking Schedule
Hello Everyone here is the next installment of the 2006 Hiking Schedule.
Share the camaraderie, exercise and nature at its finest! Explore the East Bay Regional Parks and other Bay Area locations. Hikes will be 4 to 6 miles at a steady pace with some hills. Experience the redwood groves, fern canyons and water falls as you trek through the forest.

Time: Be Prompt for All Hikes, Especially the Weekday Hikes. All Hikes Will Start on Time.
Clothing: Be sure to wear two layers of warm comfortable clothing and the proper shoes or boots. You may also want to bring something to cover your head, such as a cap, scarf, etc. Be sure to bring plenty of water! More tips and details will be sent prior to the hike.
For more information, or if you plan to make a hike, Call Alfred Alwatts3@comcast.net, 510/8651382, 510/508-8992, cell. ALL HIKERS MUST COMPLETE A TRIP WAIVER FORM.


Aug 3, Thu. Redwood, Oakland, 5:45 PM
Aug 8, Tue. Joaquin Miller, Oakland, 5:45 PM
Aug 17, Thu. Lake Chabot, Oakland, 5:45 PM
Aug 22, Tue. Tilden, Berkeley, 5:45 PM
Aug 26, Sat. Point Reyes, 9:00 AM
Aug 30, Wed. Redwood, Oakland, 5:45 PM


September 9 Sat. Mt. Tamalpias, Mill Valley, 9:00 AM
September 13, Wed. Lake Chabot, Oakland, 5:45 PM
September 16 Sat. All Seasons Barbeque, 12:00pm
September 20 Wed. Redwood, Oakland, 5:45 PM
September 27, Wed. Joaquin Miller, Oakland, 5:45 PM


October 2, Mon. Redwood, Oakland, 5:45 PM
October 11, Wed. Lake Chabot, Oakland, 5:45 2PM
October 14, Sat. Big Basin State Park, Saratoga, 7:30 AM
October 18, Wed. Joaquin Miller, Oakland, 5:45 PM

It's time to order All Seasons Winter Gear
Now accepting orders and $100 deposits for Club Jackets and $80 deposits on matching club pants. Three jacket styles available, all feature hideaway hoods and upgraded insulation and goggle wipes. NBS Pants come in Unisex and women's styles.

Two jacket styles feature removable sleeves that can be placed in the large hidden pocket on the back of the jacket. The unisex pant features a full side zipper, this works out well if you wear any type of brace, and it allows you to put on the brace after you are dressed.

Sizes in Jackets and Unisex pants are Xs-XXL, ladies style pants are 8-14. All pants can be ordered in short, medium and long. Prices are still $250 Jackets and $160 pants. Don't wait our final order date is September 1st, items ordered will arrive in December '06.

All Seasons Club jackets are made by Spyder, a leader in the ski sports apparel business, they carry a full line of accessories that allow you to, well.....accessorize
Gary D. Garrett President All Seasons Ski Club

August Birthday Members

8/8 Nathaniel Scott
8/8 Karen Spencer
8/9 Debi Dohm
8/9 Alfreda Daniels
8/18 Alex Kurylko
8/19 Karen Boutchee
8/22 Gail Wiggins-Moton
8/23 Marc Gage
8/23 Debra Faulk
8/25 Betsy Rogers
8/26 Karen Allen
8/26 Marvell Allen

Belated Birthday Wish

Claudette Center 7/24

Season News

National Sponsor
Subaru is NBS National Sponsor. Click the Partner Program logo to find out how you can benefit from this sponsorship.

Partner Program
To enroll for the Partner Program, click on link and follow the instructions. PARTNER PROGRAM ENROLLMENT
NBS Partner Program subscribers will receive discounted registration for NBS national events, including AMCC and Summit, as well as reduced charges for fee-based functions at these events.
Other NBS Club Activities
Annual Folsom Lake Beach Party
When: Saturday, August 19, 2006
Time: Anytime after 10 AM
Where: Beales Point ~ Folsom Lake
RSVP: Ebonyskiclub@yahoo.com
Ebony will provide the Bar-B-Que and side dishes. All you have to bring is $5.00 if you are a member and $10.00 for non-members.
We are asking that you bring your own soft drinks and remember Folsom is a dry park which means drink adult beverages at your own risk! As usual there will be boats, jet skis and lots of fun. Don’t forget to bring your tennis shoes for the volleyball game! Contact Sharon Sargeant
Ebony Ski & Racquet Club
916-876-6016 (wk)
916-801-4435 (cell)
First Friday's
First Fridays - Monthly Networking Affair
- Click on the logo and check the website for more details
A) If cancellation occurs 60 days before event, all money will be refunded.
B) N.B.S., Inc. (Summit/Mini-Summit) registration and lodging fees are non-refundable at any time.
Note: There is no refund for missed transportation.
C) Money will be refunded less charges made by the contracted agency, charges incurred by the club on behalf of the participant, such as deposits, or non-refundable charges.
D) Each participant will sign a trip participation application that details the cancellation/refund policy.
A) All cancellations must be in writing.
B) N.B.S., Inc. (Summit/Mini-Summit) registration and lodging fees are non-refundable at any time.
C) All money paid will be returned less any charges incurred and an administrative fee.
Returned Check Fees: For costs $100 or less, $25 Fee. For costs >$100, $50 Fee. Checks will not be accepted from repeat offenders.

ASSC Upcoming Events
Houseboat 2006
September 1-4
Houseboating Beyond Belief!
All participants MUST be paid in full.
Tentative Napa Wine Spa Trip Schedule & Activities
All Seasons Annual Wine Tasting & Spa Overnight Trip
October 14 & 15, 2006
Now, accepting deposits of $50.00. Contact any Board Member to sign up.
Summit 2007 - - Steamboat Springs, Colorado - - -February 24 - March 3, 2007 summit
       Periods of registration are as follows:
       Early Registration Ends		October 1st 
       Regular Registration Ends	December 15th  
       Late Registration Ends		January 15 
Partner Program free until September 30th. To enroll for the Partner Program, click on link and follow the instructions. PARTNER PROGRAM ENROLLMENT
Partner Program Registration Fees
	Early:		$199
	Regular:	$240
	Late:		$275
	On Site:	$300
Non-Partner Registration Fees
	Early:		$240
	Regular:		$275
	Late:		$300
	On Site:		$325
Senior Registration Fees Senior Registration - $99.00 until January 25 (Post Marked)
Youth Registration Fees Youth Registration - $50.00 until January 25 (Post Marked)
Lift tickets
Single Day	$ 58.00
3 Days		$144.00
4 of 5 Days	$180.00
5 of 6 Days	$225.00
6 of 7 Days	$270.00
Seniors (Age 70+)
Single Day	$28.00
3 Days		$ 84.00
4 of 5 Days	$112.00
5 of 6 Days	$140.00
6 of 7 Days	$168.00
Single Day	$ 44.00
3 Days		$132.00
4 of 5 Days	$176.00
5 of 6 Days	$220.00
6 of 7 Days	$234.00
Steamboat Grand Resort
Rm Type	#/rm $Per person
Hotel	2	$820.00
Studio	2	$760.00
1 bdr	2	$1335.00
Rm Type	#/rm $Per person
2 bedrm	4	$685.00
3 bedrm	6	$575.00
Rm Type	#/rm $Per person
2 bedrm	4	$465.00
3 bedrm	6	$410.00
3 bedrm	2	$1196.00

Contact Co-Trip Leaders Kathleen Arnold @ 510-569-9941 - akakat@comcast.net and/or Ricardo Thomas @ 510-635-3473 - ricjthomas@aol.com
Suggested Payment plan: August 3rd- $200
Sept 6th - $300
Oct 4th - $300
Nov 1st - $300
Dec 6th- $300
Jan 3rd- Balance
The payment plan may vary depending on the total cost of your trip.
The NBS had decided NOT to set up a conference rate for airfare for Summit '07. As the trip leaders (or any of you) come across deals in air fare they will be passed on to all participants. Once you secure you airfare, please pass that information on to Kathleen who will investigate group ground transportation.

Youth Club Information
All Seasons Youth Ski Club meets every 2nd Tuesday @ Sequoyah Community Church for more information call Karen Ambeau @ 510-538-3368
If you have children, relatives, or friends, who are interested in joining the Youth Club, membership applications are available at the Adult Club Meeting. The annual Youth Membership Dues are $10

Club Information
Date Event Package and ~ Cost Contact
August 3-6, 2006 Summer Carnival 2006 NBS Western Region Summer Carnival 2006 at Montelago Village Resort, Lake Las Vegas - See detail information above Trip Leaders: Patsy Cunningham, phone: 501-482-2999, email: news@asscskiclub.org, Mailing address: 4399 Terrabella Place, Oakland, CA 94619 or Marc Gage, phone: 510-632-6550, email: bgdwgma@aol.com
September 1-4, 2006 Silverthorn Queen I See Information in Newsletter Trip Leader: Angie Ross
September 16, 2006 Annual Gathering - Softball Challenge Stay tune for more information Everyone Participates
October 14 & 15, 2006 Napa Wine Tasting & Spa Trip Stay tune for more information Trip Coordinators:
Events & Wine Tasting- Patsy C. & Gary Garrett
Spa & Lodging: Debi Dohm
2006/2007 New/Renewal Membership Meeting Schedule & Themes
Date Day General Meeting Theme Location/Time
August 2 Wednesday @ 7:30pm Summer Carnival Kickoff California Ballroom 7:30p.m.
September 6, 2006 Wednesday @ 7:30pm TBD California Ballroom 7:30p.m
October 3, 2006 Wednesday @ 7:30pm Wine Tasting California Ballroom 7:30p.m

All Seasons Ski Club meets on the first Wednesday of each month, at 7:30pm.
Join us at the California Ballroom, 1736 Franklin St, Oakland. :

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