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21st Annual Heavenly / Sierra Weekender & 'Jama Jam President's Message
Upcoming Trips (Kirkwood )

Oakland - San Francisco Bay Area Established in 1972

2005 - 2006
Executive Board

President, Gary Garrett

Vice President, Debi Dohm

Treasurer, Karen Allen

Secretary, Tosha Owens

Newsletter Editor Patsy Cunningham

Membershipchair, Alfred Watts

Member At Large, Claudette Center ccenterride@sbcglobal.net510-531-4992

Welcoming Chair, Angie Ross

Activities Chair, DeWayne McDainels

Youth Director, Karen Ambeau

Head Western Region Ski Coach & National NBS Assistant Ski Coach, Prescott Reavis

All Seasons Ski Club
P.O. Box 12593
Oakland, CA 94604

APRIL 2006 Issue

NBS Mission: " To identify, develop and support athletes of color, who will win international and Olympic winter sports competitions, representing the United States, and increase participation in winter sports"

President's Message

Hello All Seasons,

and the winner is…………….
Feb. 24th-March 3rd

Yes, by unanimous vote by the NBS President’s we are headed back to Steamboat Springs, CO for Summit ’07 and guess what? Our own Rene Jackson has accepted the position of Summit Chair. What you may not know is that when a member of the NBS accepts a position like this, their club also accepts that position and will do everything they can to help put on a successful event. You can count on us Rene.

Back to Steamboat, the snow, tree skiing, the happy hours and everyone in one place. Who can forget the happy hours at Buddy’s Run? Once you are in Steamboat, so is everyone else. No other major ski resorts or towns nearby. Everybody meets at the gondola each morning and all the ski-in, ski-out accommodations you could ever want. With the dates being over a month after Winter Carnival, the west should have another impressive showing for this event.

Speaking of……….
Winter Carnival, it’s unofficial but plan on being at the Canyons in Utah for our Annual Western Region fundraiser over the MLK weekend. Another great resort with fantastic skiing. Go ahead, make it a banner 2007 and ski two top resorts in one year.

Heavenly/Sierra Ski & Jama Jam
Oh, what a time we had. A major storm came through on Saturday which made for 2nd thoughts and back tracking on who would ski that day. We experienced limited visibility but plenty of snow. 29 die-hards skied Saturday, we hit it hard until approx. 2 pm. Michael Jackson, Sherie Hickman and I decided to forego the Gondola and ski downGunbarrel to the lodge, that’s all I will say about that.
The Jama Jam party was all good, I must say everyone was was dressed very nice. Good music, jell-o shots, close dancing, well I will just leave it right there.

Sunday was a beautiful day at Sierra-at-Tahoe, plenty of sunshine and fresh snow. I skied till I could go no more, I left everything on the mountain, I mean everything, I had nothing left to give. I want to thank everyone who attended this trip, those who helped on the bus and my co-trip leader MJ.

YOUTH FLASH!!! YOUTH FLASH!!! Errol Kerr will be in Sugarloaf, Maine to ski in the US Nationals, by the time you read this he will have competed in all four events. Let’s hope he will have stood on the winner’s podium as well
. OK its April, just in time to get in shape for the activities you have planned for the summer, whether it’s Jamaica, Summer Carnival, Cruises, Beach Parties or just because you feel it is time to do something. With hard work and dedication in 3 months we can get back to where we want to be or at least be on the right track. Now I would never ask you to do something I wouldn’t do so after I finish my message I will map out my plan for success. I’m shooting for our annual July meeting in the Park. Remember; support club trips and the trip leaders.

SUBARU If you are in the market for a car or SUV give Subaru a look. Check out their line of cars. If you decide to buy please, please give me a call or visit the NBS WEBSITE before you negotiate a deal. You can save thousands of $$$ by belonging to an NBS Club and being a member of the Partner Program. Subaru is our title sponsor. They give a lot of money in support of our youth racing program, give them a look, you may surprised.

Practice exit drills in the home // If there’s fire in your home, get out, stay out!

Think I’ll hang around for another year, Gary D. Garrett
President All Seasons Ski Club


Club News

General Meeting Theme: Preparing for a New Year

Membership Drive - The board would like to encourage each member to kickoff the 2006/2007 Year by sharing your club information with others to increase membership. Please bring friends and/or family members to the meeting.
Now collecting Membership Fees for the 2006/2007 Season.
New Membership Rate $50.00 single, $70.00 joint
Renew rate: $40.00 single, $60.00 joint
Make check out to ASSC, Mail to P.O. Box 12593, Oakland, 94604 Alfred Watts-Membership Chair Contact membership chair Alfred Watts @ 510- 865-1382or

Time for Elections

Elections for club officers will be held at the General Meeting on Wednesday, May 3, 2006. Michael & Rene Jackson will serve as Election Chair and all nominations should be directed to them @ 415-401-8580, 415-476-3907 or Email Renae will also receive Nominations from the floor before voting ballots are distributed.

Elected offices of the club are President, Vice President, Secretary, Newsletter Editor/Web, Treasurer, Membership Chair, and Member-at-Large. Other officers on the Executive Board are appointed and serve the same term and perform duties as prescribed.
Officers are elected annually by the voting membership and hold office until he/she resigns, is removed, disqualified to serve, or until their successor is elected, whichever occurs first. Offices may also be elected for successive terms. You must be a member for one year before you are eligible to run for a position on the Board.


President - Gary Garrett
Vice President - Debi Dohm
Treasurer - Karen Allen
Secretary - Vacant
Newsletter/Web Editor - Patsy Cunningham
Membership Chair - Alfred Watts
Member-at-Large - Claudette Center

President - Chief Executive Officer of the club, in conjunction with the Executive Board, has the authority & responsibility to control and administer the affairs for the club. He/she represents the club as its' spokesperson; calls and arranges Executive Board meetings; is a member on all standing committees.

Vice President - If the President is absent, or in the event of his/her inability or refusal to act, the Vice President shall perform all duties of the President and when so acting, will have the same powers and restrictions as the President. The Vice President also performs other duties deemed necessary.

Treasurer - Responsible for all ASSC funds and securities. Deposits all such funds in the name of the club in such banks, trust companies, or other depositories. Receives and gives receipts for monies due & payable to ASSC; keeps and maintains adequate and correct accounts of business transactions.

Secretary - Keeps minutes of Executive Board and any special meetings. Performs duties assigned periodically by the Board. Receives and distributes all mail; sends cards/flowers, etc. to ASSC members as appropriate.

Newsletter/Web Editor - Responsible for the publication and distribution of the website, newsletter and other publications to the membership. Duties include: gathering newsworthy and pertinent information on activities, decisions, memberships and publishing these facts in a timely manner.

Membership Chair - Keeps an accurate and current record of the membership roster, which contains the names of all active members. Responsible for the selection and distribution of membership cards, certificates, etc.; processing all new and renewal membership applications.

Member-at-Large - Solicits and represents the position of general membership at all Board meetings; helps publicize & announce all club activities; assist News Editor; and coordinates extravaganza meetings.

The tradition continued with this year's "Kings of the Kitchen" just showin' out. They just get better with time. These first three (3) Kings have been with me all 11 years:
Gary Garrett- Oakland Raider Monday Night Football Ribs & Pesso (you know he's wrong for that)
"Scotty"- Slow cooked Mexican enchiladas
Joel Burks- Chicken wings (he knows we like our chicken wings)

Gary Bates (1st time as King) - Red Beans & Rice
Marc Gage- Mac 'n Cheese
Ricardo Thomas- Spaghetti
Chuck Copeland- Chow Mein & Fried Rice (double your pleasure)
Paul Mixon- Chicken
Al Bourges - Turkey Chili (he thought he was getting some back, Silly Boy)
Michael Jackson- Yams
Dennis Freeman- Tequila lime shrimp & chicken (Oh yea, they get fancy)
Jerode Lawrence- Black eyed pea soup

Supporting the Kings (they don't cook):
Thomas Shipp- Salad
Tyrone Jenkins- KFC
Chuck Bryant- Cake

Thank You All & See Ya Next Year- Karen

Members on the Move

ASSC's own Rene Jackson has been appointed the Summit ' 07 Chair for the NBS National.
Message from NBS President Rose
Gary and Members of All Seasons Ski Club,
I am pleased to announce that Rene' Jackson has accepted the position of Summit Chair for our 2007 Summit which will be held at Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The Position of Summit Chair is not only an individual responsibility but a Club responsibility (smiles). It requires and great deal of time to make sure we have a quality event. I know I can count on the members of All Seasons Ski Club to step up and help Rene' when she needs assistance. Of course, I have assured Rene' that we at the National level will provide her with whatever resources she needs to ensure a successful event.
I am very pleased to have Rene' as a part of my team and I look forward to working with her.

Dee Johnson (pictured on the right) receives Madam C.J. Walker Business and Community Recoginition Award presented by The National Coalition of 100 Black Women

Goes out to Andre and Estella Matthews on the birth of their son Adam Elijah Matthews on March 10 @ 7:30 PM. He was 8 pounds 2 Ounces.
Goes out to Deborah Carter on the passing of Mother.

March Birthday Members

3/1 Kimberly Lucas
3/14 Morris Cunningham
3/14 Sherrie Hickman
3/16 Joan King
3/17 Ricardo Thomas
3/18 Jay Aguilar
3/20 Delwin Holt
3/24 Barbara Butler
3/29 Greg Crossfield
Zodiac Sign

April Birthday Members

4/6 Angelia Ross
4/7 Yvonne Davis
4/7 Rene' Jackson
4/7 Jacob Malone
4/13 Victor Howe
4/16 Esttella Matthews
4/17 Joyce Pariser
4/17 Barbara Toney
4/18 Sedalia Benton
4/20 Carlton Smith
4/23 Vincent Duncan
4/24 Roosvelt Hattin Jr.
4/24 Rhonda Nelson
4/28 Patricia Russ

Seasons News

National Sponsor

Subaru is NBS National Sponsor. Click the Partner Program logo to find out how you can benefit from this sponsorship.

Partner Program

NBS Partner Program subscribers will receive discounted registration for NBS national events, including AMCC and Summit, as well as reduced charges for fee-based functions at these events.

First Fridays - Monthly Networking Affair
- Click on the logo and check the website for more details

ASSC Cancellation and Refund Policy

A) If cancellation occurs 60 days before event, all money will be refunded.
B) N.B.S., Inc. (Summit/Mini-Summit) registration and lodging fees are non-refundable at any time.
Note: There is no refund for missed transportation.
C) Money will be refunded less charges made by the contracted agency, charges incurred by the club on behalf of the participant, such as deposits, or non-refundable charges.
D) Each participant will sign a trip participation application that details the cancellation/refund policy.

a) All cancellations must be in writing.
b) N.B.S., Inc. (Summit/Mini-Summit) registration and lodging fees are non-refundable at any time.
c) All money paid will be returned less any charges incurred and an administrative fee.
Returned Check Fees: For costs $100 or less, $25 Fee. For costs >$100, $50 Fee. Checks will not be accepted from repeat offenders.

Upcoming Events


Saturday, April 8, 2006

Come out for the last ASSC one day ski trip of the season. Don't miss out on a great time at the great resort at Kirkwood

The cost for bus and lift ticket:
Adult members - $99 for
Seniors(65-69) - $77
Seniors Plus( 70 & up) - $63
Junior(13-18) - $90
Children( 6-12) - $63
Add $10 for nonmembers

Departing from the Castro Valley-Cal Trans Park & Ride at 5 AM. 580 freeway towards Stockton, exit Center Street in Castro Valley. Contact Debi Dohm at either (510) 636-1954 or e-mail

Summer Carnival 06'

Join All Season for NBS Western Region Summer Carnival 2006 at Montelago Village Resort in Lake Las Vegas
August 3 - 6, 2006
Click on image to view link to club website for more information

Sculpted from the rugged desert terrain of Southern Nevada, Lake Las Vegas Resort lies nestled within
the desert mountainside just 17 miles from the world renowned Las Vegas Strip. Boasting world class hotels
and spas, championship golf, and spectacular residential communities from amongst the finest builders in the
nation, Lake Las Vegas Resort offers both guests and residents alike an unmatched experience centered
around the 320 - acre privately-owned lake.

 Sign up now  - - Suggested Payment Plans :
By April 05, 2006 Initial Deposit - $75.00 holds your spot ($95.00 FOR NON MEMBERS) By May 05, 2006 Second Payment - $75.00 or Initial payment of $150.00 By June 08, 2006 Final Payment / Balance Due or Initial payment of $200 By June 23, 2006 All Balances Due / Full package payments only

NOTE: Deposit non-refundable, but are transferable

(Includes: lodging, registration,) Before April 5th, 2006

Accommodation Type Unit Description Occupancy/Cost/person
Studio King Bed - pull out sofa bed w/Kitchenette Single - $320.00
Double - $210.00
Triple - NA
Quad - NA
5 per Unit - NA
6 per Unit - NA
1 - Bedroom King Bed - pull out sofa bed in living room - full Kitchen Single - $410.00
Double - $255.00
Triple - $205.00
Quad - $180.00
5 per Unit - NA
6 per Unit - NA
2 - Bedroom King or Queen Bed in each bed room - pull out sofa bed - full Kitchen Single -NA
Double - $310.00**
Triple - $240.00
Quad - $205.00
5 per Unit - $184.00
6 per Unit - $170.00

(Includes: lodging, registration,) Before April 5th, 2006

Accommodation Type Unit Description Occupancy/Cost/person
Studio King Bed - pull out sofa bed w/Kitchenette Single - $430.00
Double - $265.00
Triple - NA
Quad - NA
5 per Unit - NA
6 per Unit - NA
1 - Bedroom King Bed - pull out sofa bed in living room - full Kitchen Single - $565.00
Double -$335.00
Triple - $255.00
Quad - $220.00
5 per Unit - NA
6 per Unit - NA
2 - Bedroom King or Queen Bed in each bed room - pull out sofa bed - full Kitchen Single - NA
Double -$415.00**
Triple -$310.00
Quad -$260.00
5 per Unit -$226.00
6 per Unit -$205.00
**one person in each room

For more information contact Trip Leaders: Patsy Cunningham, phone: 501-482-2999, email:, Mailing address: 4399 Terrabella Place, Oakland, CA 94619
or Marc Gage, phone: 510-632-6550, email:

All Seasons Ski Club’s Beginner Golf Clinic

Where: Chuck Corica Golf Course 1 Clubhouse Memorial Rd. Alameda, CA
When: May 6, 2006 (Saturday)
Time: 2:00PM – 4:00 PM
Cost: $20.00 per student
Limit: Fifteen Students
Sign up: Please mail in registration by April 25, 2006

All Seasons would like to welcome anyone who is interested in learning the game of golf. In this two-hour clinic, you will be introduced to the grip, alignment, set up, posture, and full swing. Etiquette and rules will also be talked about. Learn the game in a fun environment; sign up as an individual or with someone else.

“Woody” Winslow Woodard, Teaching Golf Professional, will lead the Clinic.

Golfers should bring:
•	Baseball cap/visor
•	Shoes (Tennis or Running shoes are fine)
•	Sunscreen
•	Golf Clubs (We will provide golf clubs if you do not have any)


Amount Enclosed $___________________

Check payable to All Seasons Ski Club – mail payments to Charles Clemons, 840 Mariners Pt., Rodeo, CA 94572
For any questions, please contact Charles Clemons at (510) 799-0887



Come Join Us for a Great Day of Golf, Great People and Fun! Sign Up Below NOW!

When: Saturday, June 3, 2006
Where: Chuck Corica Golf Course -- #1 Memorial Clubhouse Drive --- Alameda, CA (South Course)
golf Format: 118 Hole Individual Low Net for Men and Women, using a Blind Bogey Handicap for each participant, Handicaps will be computed by the Peoria Handicap System
Registration Cost: $78.00 per person (includes green fees, cart, **$9.00 lunch credit and prize fund)
Deadline to Register: May 13, 2006
Starting Time: 9:30AM--The random draw procedure will be used to assign starting order on May 14
Cancellation: After May 14, 2006, fees paid are non-refundable. However, any player providing a substitute will be given a full refund

Prizes (Duplicate prizes will be awarded, in each category. One for Women and another for Men Competition.)

First Place $75 Golf Certificate from Golfsmith
Second Place $50 Golf Certificate from Golfsmith
Third Place $40 Golf Certificate from Golfsmith
Fourth Place** $35 Credit from Chuck Corica Pro Shop
Fifth Place** $25 Credit from Chuck Corica Pro Shop

**Note: Chuck Corica Golf facility’s credits for lunch and prizes must be redeemed on 6/3/06.

HOST: Charles Clemons Ph: (510) 799-0887 CO-HOST: Patsy Cunningham Ph: (510) 482-2999

REGISTRATION FORM ~ DEADLINE TO REGISTER, MAY 13, 2006! Sign Me Up! Here’s My Registration for the Tournament at Chuck Corica Golf Course June 3, 2006
Golfer’s Name___________________________________________________________
Phone#______________________________ E-mail_________________________
Share Cart with:______________________________________________________
Other Members of Foursome:____________________________________________
Amount Enclosed $___________________

Check payable to All Seasons Ski Club – mail payments to Charles Clemons, 840 Mariners Pt., Rodeo, CA 94572
For any questions, please contact Charles Clemons at (510) 799-0887

Yosemite Annual Camping Trip


Houseboat 2006
September 1-4
Silverthorn Queen I
Houseboating Beyond Belief!

This luxurious Silverthorn Queen I houseboat is by far the most popular boat in their fleet.
2nd Deck: Outdoor kitchen seats 10, with BBQ, refrigerator, sink, fan, wet bar, CD stereo with speakers. Master Penthouse Suite, Full Bathroom. 3rd Deck: Hot Tub, Sun Deck & Bed Box!

This houseboat has 4 Private Staterooms PLUS Bonus Room, 2 1/2 Bathrooms, Fireplace, Entertainment Center with TV/DVD/Satellite System, Command Bridge & Slide. The Kitchen includes a 25 cu. ft. Refrigerator-Freezer with Icemaker, Stove, Range, Microwave & Trash Compactor. The Silverthorn Queen I was custom designed to ensure the most luxurious houseboat experience on Lake Shasta. Look for more information in the April Newsletter or on the ASSC website soon!!

Other Activities

Join some of the ASSC members and friends in Negril in 2006.

Dates: June 22- 27th, 2006 (flying out on 21st)

Please click on the link for more information.

Contact: LaVerne Milton-Rose Alston Travel at 925-709-8014 or

Click on icon to view

Special Ski Promotions
from Bay Area Ski Bus. Com

Youth Corner

All Seasons Youth Ski Club meets every 2nd Tuesday @ Sequoyah Community Church for more information call Karen Ambeau @ 510-538-3368
If you have children, relatives, or friends, who are interested in joining the Youth Club, membership applications are available at the Adult Club Meeting. The annual Youth Membership Dues are $10.

Club Information

2006 Schedule

Date Event Package and ~ Cost Contact
April 8, 2006 Kirkwood Includes: Bus and lift ticket ~Cost/Person $104 Trip Leader: TBD
April 20 - 23, 2006 Hot Creek-Mammoth* Includes:Lodging & lift tickets ~Cost/Person $210 Trip Leader: Debi Dohm
June 3, 2006 ASSC Annual Goft Tournament Stay tune for more information Event Coordinator: Charles Clemons
June 9-11, 2006 Yosemite Camping Trip Stay tune for more information Trip Leader: Alfred Watts
August 3-6, 2006 Summer Carnival 2006 NBS Western Region Summer Carnival 2006 at Montelago Village Resort, Lake Las Vegas - See detail information above Trip Leaders: Patsy Cunningham, phone: 501-482-2999, email:, Mailing address: 4399 Terrabella Place, Oakland, CA 94619 or Marc Gage, phone: 510-632-6550, email:
September 1-4, 2006 Silverthorn Queen I Stay tune for more information Trip Leader: Angie Ross
September 16, 2006 Annual Gathering - Softball Challenge Stay tune for more information Everyone Participates
*Currently, Mammoth Trips does not include transportation. If transportation plans are negotiated, there is an additional cost.

2006/2007 New/Renewal Membership

LaWanda Morris		Victor Howe
Luz Confesi-Howe		Cheryl Archer
Gary Garrett		Claudette Center
Patricia Brooks		Justin Webb
Karen Allen		John Polk 
Gail Wiggins-Moton	Jerry Moton
Patsy Cunningham		Pam Miller-Lewis
Michael Lewis		Rick Taylor
Angie Ross		Nedya Campbell

Date Day General Meeting Theme Location/Time
April 5, 2006 Wednesday @ 7:30pm Membership Drive California Ballroom 7:30p.m.
May 3 Wednesday @ 7:30pm Cinco de Mayo & Elections California Ballroom 7:30p.m.
June 7, 2006 Wednesday @ 7:30pm Golf & Camping Kickoff California Ballroom 7:30p.m

All Seasons Ski Club meets on the first Wednesday of each month, at 7:30pm. Join us at the California Ballroom, 1736 Franklin St, Oakland.